Saturday, January 28, 2006


I went and saw this movie last night.

Everything I'd heard up to that point about the movie told me that it would be hard to follow. I went to see it because it was about oil.

Well, it was indeed hard to follow. However, because I had a bit of a background in some of the events they were parody-ing (is that a word?), I was able to somewhat keep pace.

Throughout the first hour and a half of the movie there are a bunch of sub-plots stirred around in separate pots. The presumption is, of course, that all these things are going to come together in the end in some sort of dramatic conclusion.

The conclusion, though dramatic didn't have the Hollywood punch that I was expecting. Not that I was diappointed by this. It shows more of a real-lifeism (I must be W, making up all these words, weeee!) than your typical 'hero saves the day' kind of thing.

What I was disappointed in is the lack of solid messages found in this movie. I'm a fan of thinking man's movies, but there is a great message that could be passed along here that wasn't. Everything in this movie was implied: peak oil, corporate meddling, government coups, etc.

I love a movie where you have to make up your own conclusions. However, with the documentary feel of this movie, it should have been more informative. They could have told us more about the imminent peak in the world's oil production. They could have been the first in movie history to fire that warning shot across the bow, so to speak.

Ah well, perhaps I'll have to make that movie myself.

I'm ready for my closeup Mr. DeVille.


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