Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wow....where have I been?

For a while there I'd forgotten I even had a blog. My journey into the depths of technology-free life is finally over.

Who am I kidding. I went for a while without an internet connection. Big deal. I love sounding melodramatic, though.

So, what's new? How've you been?
Does anyone ever read this? Did anyone ever read this?

Ah well.

So, oil prices plunge after reaching an all time high of $79.40. What's the deal?

Every time oil prices spike, the economy gets damaged. A damaged economy demands less oil. Less oil demand equals lower prices. Lower prices equal greater consumption. Greater consumption equals greater prices. PRICE SPIKE! Economy damage. The cycle continues.

Anyone else see this?


Blogger notyourmommasoatmeal said...

I don't read anything here.... I just look at the pictures.

9:21 PM  

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