Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Chat with Chris Martello

5:08 PM me: Oh dear.
I didn't realize that Word of Command was small enough to put on a stick.
5:09 PM Chris: Haha
Too bad WoC is too fucking expensive
5:10 PM me: I can't wait to open some TS. There are soooo many combos I have envisioned. The only way to decide what deck to build next is to see what I get.
Yeah, Fuggin $40.
I want a Stuffy Doll to put a Pariah's Shield on.
Chris: Not to mention, it is one of the cards that gives judges nightmares
5:11 PM Stuffy Doll == love
me: hehehe
THUG love
5:12 PM me: Yeah. And then Char and Psionic blast!
With Orcish Artillery!
And pain lands!
5:14 PM And ERG RAIDERS that don
't attack!
And Lord of the Pit!
5:18 PM Chris: orc artillery is win
and with teh stuffy doll, it's even better
5:20 PM me: I'm going to build such a sick McFuckdeck.
5:21 PM Chris: whoops
5:22 PM me: Whoops?
Chris: closed gmail by accident
me: Ah. See how you are?
5:23 PM Chris: Huh?
me: With all the "I'm going to wear pants in public 'cause I'm a big shooter" attitude.
5:24 PM Chris: dude
"Look at what happened to the indians, they had a liberal immigration policy!"
5:26 PM me: Yeah, dumb bastards!
5:27 PM They should have put out Aether flash.
Chris: ...
me: Well! They were already in play.
Chris: Dude, you know that's out of the format
me: Not back then.
5:28 PM Chris: Ohh
me: And it's not like they don't play red.
Chris: >_<
5:29 PM me: "Oh, we'll just hide behind this COP: White and hope that Ponce de Leon doesn't have a disenchant.
Chris: ouch
5:30 PM that didn't work out so well
me: No. Indians were Noobs.
Chris: They didn't prepare for the meta at all
5:32 PM me: They had Goblin War drums, sure, but there wasn't enough cards for a goblin deck back then. They should've gone Zombie.
Chris: Ouch
me: Montezuma's revenge, if you know what I'm saying.
5:33 PM I should Blog this shit.
Chris: Haha
hands you a shirt that reads "i'm blogging this"
5:34 PM me: LAWL


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