Friday, September 15, 2006

The Punisher


..I guess I didn't make the cut to get to round 3 of the Wizards thing. The test was tough, but I thought I'd done alright.

So, the next best thing for me to do is start publishing decklists to make me feel like a better magic player than I really am.

This is one that I just ordered some missing cards for at, so I haven't got a chance to play it for real. I hope it works, it's my meanest design yet.

The Punisher


4 - Hunted Dragon 3RR
4 - Hunted Troll 2GG
4 - Varchild's War Riders 1R
2 - Dancing Scimitar 4


4 - Aether Flash 2RR
4 - Burning Sands 3RR


4 - Dingus Staff 4


4 - Lightning Bolt R
4 - Incinerate 1R
2 - Naturalize 1G


12 - Mountain
10 - Forest
1 - Stomping Ground
1 - Mountain Valley

We'll see how she runs in a few days...

..until then, I've got to start saving up for Time Spiral (BWANG!)



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